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Legal Services

When you aren't sure of a legal procedure, you won't have to worry about the cost of consulting a lawyer. You'll be able to call your Provider Law Firm when you have a question about such legal aspects of your business as:
• Employee hiring
• Workers' Compensation
• Equipment leases
• Joint ventures
• Bankruptcy
• Verbal contracts
• Incorporation
• Intellectual property
• Small claims
• Partnership
• Landlord/tenant issues
• Hiring/termination
• City zoning
• Vendor problems
• Bad check recovery
• Customer complaints
• Creditor harassment
• Disclaimer verbiage

Business Consulting Services

In addition to the legal services, you'll receive business consultations with small business experts by fax and email. When you need help and cannot find the answer in the resources, you have a panel of experts to provide direction and advisement on any business issue.

Your questions can be submitted by fax and email, researched and responded to, typically, by the following business day. You'll be able to submit questions regarding such issues as:
• tax deductions
• financing options
• website promotion
• sales challenges
• computers
• time management
• locating information on the Internet
• motivating employees
• accounting
• management

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